Nurturing potential.
Enabling independence.

A task based learning system using location based technology designed for smart phones and tablets.

Enabling trainees with learning difficulties to manage tasks independently in the workplace.
Ember is a unique task based learning system designed for smart phones and tablets that uses location based technology.
Ember enables people with learning difficulties to manage tasks independently in the workplace.

How it works

Ember had been designed so that information comes to you when you need it. Simple step by step tasks appear on your device enabling you to carry out tasks independently. Different tasks can be sent to different people in the same workspace. Tasks can be designed using accessibility and voice enabled options.

Create tasks

Tasks are created using a content delivery system as text, images or video.

Assign to places

Tasks are paired with beacons placed at task points in a work space.

Download the task

Tasks appear on your device when you are near a beacon.

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who benefits?

The employer

  • Frees up time for job coaches to work with multiple trainees
  • Easy to set up and start using
  • Unobtrusive system that blends seamlessly into virtually any environment

The trainee

  • More independence and autonomy
  • Instructions delivered in a personalised format
  • Support for learning new tasks
  • Reminders for known tasks

The job mentor

  • Photo and video content
  • Make changes on location as you work
  • Customise content to meet individual needs


Ember has been developed from an original idea by National Star. Ember will be launched in 2016

For more information contact
David Finch – Director
T: 01242 527 631 ext.5702